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Dr Jon “Ting Tong” Jay Ray, living work of art.

January 28, 2010

It’s funny the things you notice some times.

On the weekend I went to the GOMA with someone. I saw this exact same exhibit but totally missed something that should have stuck out at me. Today however I went to the GOMA again with the delightful Col and immediatly noticed it.

For context the GOMA is the gallery of modern art and it has lots of unconventional but awesome pieces (check out the string room if you are there!).

This one piece however was like a recreation of a living area in some sort of share house.

And we go inside.

Who is that I spot on the wall?

Is that?

It is, Dr Jon “Ting Tong” Jay Ray is for some reason a part of this piece of art.

Well how about that, a print out of the blogosphere‘s most famous race obsessed, poetry writing retired Queensland academic. I am sort of pleased that thousands of people will inadvertently read Dr Ray’s life story as part of some bizarre attempt at modern art. If you are in Brisbane, do check it out.



January 28, 2010

This be my new blog. You may know me from my old blog or from twitter. Just editing this so I dont have the stupid “Hello World” post on my blog.

I believe in a thing called Pug

January 28, 2010

Cat-Blogging has been somewhat overexposed on the blogosphere of late. Whilst pictures of cats fill photo streams and lolcats provides endless giggles, the dogs (and especially the pugs) have been somewhat under represented on teh tubes.

So I would like to introduce you all to the true love of my life, my dog Cleo.

Obsessive dog owners are often criticised for thinking of their pets as little people. This is way off the mark because I think of Cleo as better than people. In fact, if I was forced to pick between saving a drowning man, and my drowning pug, my pug would win out.

Dogs, they are like humans. Only better.