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You must watch this

February 10, 2010

Yes yes how many youtube clips do we really watch in blogs? But you must watch this one.

How have I not heard this amazing song before?

Love the lyrics “Skiing all summer” Yes indeed.

More info on this gem here.


Now thats an extreme sport

February 10, 2010

I love bad album covers. Last year I found the unintentionally homoerotic viking metallers Manowar. But now I think I’ve found something even better.

For context, in the 90’s rap music exploded in popularity from the underground scene it had in the 1980’s. A lot of big names emerged, Snoop Dogg, 2Pac and the Notorious BIG. Also as with any new trend a lot of half-assed imitators filled the scene. One of these was Top Dog, a low rent Snoop Dogg knockoff that Suge Knight promoted once most of the talent bailed from Death Row Records.

Top Dog may have went nowhere, but he is responsible for the greatest gangsta rap album of all time.

I guess they figured basketball is popular in hip-hop culture, as is hoes. Lets combine the two.

And why is the hoe smiling when she is about to get a face full of concrete? And how strong would Top Dog have to be to slam dunk a hoe in the first place, let alone have the skills to do a clean alley oop with hoe.

Intrigued about this lost opus of 90’s gangta rap I headed to google to find out more. Sadly not many people seem to be aware of Top Dog and his skills at dunking hoes. But I did see this informative review on Amazon.

After reading the stellar review from another Amazon member I decided to purchase this album. The music is great and after listening to the cd for about a few solid weeks I decided that I needed to get out and slam dunk some hoes myself.

I got beat up, raped, and arrested. I mean, the music is good and all, but don’t believe everything you read – this cd will not make you a pimp.

Buyer beware, do not try this at home. You may think it is cool to pick up prostitutes and then throw them into a basketball hoop, but it has consequences. So please kids, stop and think before you slam dunk a hoe.

Introducing Abrolling

February 2, 2010

You’ve heard of Rick-Rolling right? A delightfully cheeky internet meme where people link to something guaranteed to get your attention and it ends up being a clip of 80’s One Hit Wonder Rick Astley singing the wonderfully cheesy “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

Well this week, new opposition leader Tony Abbott made one of his all too frequent appearance in his famous speedos. The image is fast becoming like the classic stocking shot that haunted Alexander Downer throughout his career.

Anyway, on Sunday night a brand new piccy of Abbott is his dicktogs hit the news ltd sites lots of people linked to the story on twitter.  @evie quite sensibly didn’t want to click on any link that showed Abbott leaving little to the imagination so I made it my duty to trick her into viewing the picture.

Evie – I am not clicking on any Tony Abbott-related links for the rest of this week. I AM TRAUMATISED ENOUGH AND IT IS ONLY JUST MONDAY.

cosmicjester @evie You better not click on any twitter links then, we might sneak it in somewhere unsuspecting.

Evie – @cosmicjester is tony abbott in speedos the new rickrolling??

And thus Abrolling was born as me and other crafty twitteres tried to shock people by inadvedatly sending them to a grinning Tony Abbott wearing less than his crediblity.

cosmicjester – Barnaby Joyce does it again. *facepalm*

SomethingRibald – ABC reports Herman Rockerfeller sex tape uncovered

thewetmale – RT @burwoodgreen: RT @australiavotes: Julie Bishop been hitting da gym or wearing shoulderpads

MacYourselfhome – Look at this rain!

jason_a_w – Really nice down by the beach in Sydney tonight.

mariekehardy – @ninedorff I JUST GOT ABROLLED.

And many more. Me, @evie and @SomethingRibald all have our grubby hands dirty in the creation of this meme. So spread the love and unsuspectingly link people to Tony Abbott in his dick togs.

“Dont pretend you dont want me”