Life is in 3D, and it doesnt require glasses

Pretty much every major film is hopping on the 3d bandwagon after the success of Avatar. The next James Bond and Harry Potter films will all be released in 3d.

3D is certainly reaching the point of overkill, especially when they do rush jobs on 2d films and make them 3d to cash in on the craze. It gives the film a look like those old viewfinder toys, it’s not really 3d but looks more like several things in flat cardboard placed at different distances.

I really enjoyed Avatar but it is less comfortable than seeing a normal movie, if you don’t have a really good seat somewhere in the centre the 3d doesn’t look “right” you have to make sure your head is always at the correct angle and the constant refocusing on changing depth perceptions throughout a movie does get kinda annoying after a while.

It’s fine for something like Avatar that was really designed the ground up to be 3d, but not everything from James Bond and Harry Potter please.

Cinema needs to stop looking for the next novelty to get customers and make something new that people want to see. Putting Transformers and Megan Fox’s cleavage in 3d is not a way to do this.

Luckily there is a cheap cinema near me that doesn’t have a 3d projector. I can see everything there for 8 bucks in old school 2d!


One Response to “Life is in 3D, and it doesnt require glasses”

  1. Jelly Says:

    Would have to agree with you on that. I saw Alice in Wonderland in 2D and the only thing that would have been interesting in 3D was the…

    Oh wait. You haven’t seen it yet have you?

    Carry on.

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