Nick Sowden, upcoming Liberal and a current racist

Whilst I usually try and stay away from the various internet and blog wars, tonight on twitter something fired me up. Whilst us political tragics and nerds gathered around twitter to collectively watch the Obama interview with the #obama730 tag we noticed a few racial slurs.

The gentleman who tweeted them has since locked his account but we have preserved them.

Witty stuff.

A quick read of his twitter stream informed me that he is a member of the Young Liberal National Party, has written for conservative think tank Menzies House and is the secretary of the Griffith Rural Health Association.

My question to both the LNP and the Rural Health Association is what do you intend to do to discipline this behaviour? Do you want a noted racist in your ranks? How does it reflect on you as a group if you tolerate this?

I started a tweet to ask the Young Liberal National Party what they will do.

If you are on twitter please retweet it, they can’t ignore all of us.

Elsewhere. Darryl Mason on Nick Sowdon.

UPDATE  Some have tried to excuse his racism as a very poor attempt at humour. This could be true, but things like this dont look too good for him.

And obviously involved in the Liberal Party for some time.

And the story hits the MSM

Another Update. I spent some time tipping off the media last night and the story is now everywhere. The LNP says they will move to expel Sowden. Good.

If anyone in the media wants a comment feel free to email me on or contact me on my twitter account. @cosmicjester

More blogs on Sowden here, here and here.



15 Responses to “Nick Sowden, upcoming Liberal and a current racist”

  1. Gibbot Says:

    Well done. What amazes me is that he’s openly gay, so no stranger to persecution. If this is the future of the Liberal party then Pauline has done her job. Marginal racism has found its way to into the mainstream.

  2. Bron Says:

    He locked his account and now has suspended it.

    He did try to gloat about it but I think he realised his bluff had been called.

    Let this be a lesson for him. Racist “jokes” of any kind are not on.

  3. bleeter Says:

    @Matt_Kunkel pointed out that it was a great thing to tweet and delete on the day that Library of Congress had announced they would preserve every tweet forever…

  4. Bron Says:

    Just reading Nick’s post about Tony Abbott.

    I personally met Tony Abbott in 2008 at a conference… I was quite fresh to the Liberal party at this stage and interested in hearing and meeting the man who was supposedly anti-women, anti-gay and a bastion of conservatism in Australia… Afterwards I waited around with some friends and met him briefly. To my surprise and relief he did not smite me nor did he tell me I was going to hell but politely introduced himself and spoke to us briefly.

    Whilst it was unlikely he knew I was a homosexual at the time…

    So, if it was unlikely Abbott knew Nick was gay (and why would he know something like that?), why was Nick surprised and relieved that Abbott did not smite him or tell him he was going to hell?

    Doesn’t make sense.

    Just throwing it out there, because it’s silly little details that bug me.

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    […] Nick Sowden on Twitter made some fairly vile racist comments in the name of humour. You can read all about it in this post by Cosmic Jester. Sowden first responded to the outcry by claiming he was actively trying to create […]

  6. Primitive thinking « A Fresh Start Says:

    […] you might think that he was trying to be “funny”, but I fail to see what’s so funny about comparing Obama to a “monkey”.  That was where my initial near-speechlessness came in. Monkey? MONKEY?! Oh […]

  7. Scott Bridges Says:

    Good save, CJ.

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  9. Benjamin Peelman Says:

    I am personally insulted by PC-fanatics. I would like them all to know that their elitist, racist, genderist, religionist wank is getting on my nerves and if you want the whole world to lose it’s sense of humour, keep going on the present course.
    Generally the rule of thumb with bad humour is: “Was the object of the humour harmed in the course of the joke?” Well, why don’t you call the White House and ask Obama if he’s offended? And, even if he is, do you think he cares? The word ‘monkey’ has different connotations to different people, and although the word ‘monkey’ is much more racist in America than here – perhaps El Presidente may be over that garbage by now, not feel hurt at all, and have more pressing matters on his plate. Who are all these PC badgers who think they should defend Obama from what THEY assume is a racist slur, when they don’t even know the guy?

  10. Save Our Souls Says:

    Nick Sowden is a sad little boy who is truly confused about who he is and won’t admit it. Don’t try wit, Nit, oh sorry I meant Nick, try a little human kindness. It will make you a better person.

  11. Dam Buster of Preston Says:

    Well done CJ
    The HUN has picked up on it too

  12. cosmicjester Says:

    @Benjamin Peelman It probably didnt offend Obama because I doubt he would have heard about it. However racial slurs can and do harm more than who they are directed at. Just look up his name on twitter search, he offended many, many people.

    And he did use the term “monkey” because he is black and in America monkey is a racist term. He even claims that he was sending up racists so regardless if he meant it the context of the word monkey was racist. He has previously called an Indian a “Curry muncher” and called Kristine Kenneley a “bitch” who should “get back in the kitchen”.

  13. Bron Says:

    Benjamin Peelman, it doesn’t matter if the insult was aimed at Obama or not — the fact is that it was an offensive statement, period.

  14. ellymc Says:

    Nice work Tweeters! Very pleased to see this soundly delt with!

  15. Racism, Humour and the Perception Filter « Names Will Never Hurt Me… Says:

    […] Nick Sowden on Twitter made some fairly vile racist comments in the name of humour. You can read all about it in this post by Cosmic Jester. Sowden first responded to the outcry by claiming he was actively trying to create […]

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