Anything for a headline

The Herald Sun behaved irresponsibly, inadvertently led to someone being killed and most importantly messed with a major police investigation.

The major media organisations and the police used to have an understanding that when the release of a story would jeopardise a major police investigation the media would either delay or not report on a story, in return the media liaisons in the police force would ensure that the media would get other juicy news stories from them in exchange for playing ball.

You may scream “censorship” at such an arrangement, but it was entirely voluntary, served both parties and most importantly allowed the police to do their job. The speed of news on the internet and rushes to deadline have changed this arrangement.

One of the most notable fuckups of this arrangement happened last year when the Australian leaked news of federal police conducting terror raids hours BEFORE the actual raids had taken place. Luckily the raids were conducted successfully, but the Australians irresponsibly looking for a front page scoop put the lives of AFP officers who conducted the raid under unneccessary risk and it could have fucked up a major police operation that was a long time in the making.

What does this have to do with Carl Williams death? Well this morning the Herald Sun had a story about the school fees of Carl Williams daughters being paid for by the police. It’s a typical once-sided Hun story to appeal to their simple-minded readership. Corrupt Labor government paying evil gangsters kids to go to posh private school, put up an internet poll asking “Should your taxes pay for convicted killers kids school fees?” and enjoy the controversy you create.

The police and the government couldn’t comment on the story because obviously a deal had been done. Whilst I can only speculate there is a good chance that Carl Williams gave information to police officers in exchange for what is likely to be school fees for his daughters. If that is the deal Carl Williams gets nothing, his daughters which can hardly be blamed for having a murderer for a father go to a nice school and the police get more information and evidence to pursue criminals. A good outcome by anyones standards, but no Andrew Bolt and the Herald Sun had to cause an outrage.

This was Andrew this morning.

”I think it’s a disgrace,” he said of the payment of the school fees of the murderer’s daughter. ”The best way to get information from him is to deny him privileges, not to extend his privileges. Tax dollars going to reward a low-life like this, I’m just staggered.”

Andrew just like being a complete non-expert in climate science also knows sweet fuck all about police interrogation.

This morning before Williams was killed I predicted this would cause trouble.

Bloody irresponsible reporting from the Hun on the yarn about Carl Williams kids schools fees. Let the police do their job.

And surprise surprise the likely reaction at the prison was other prisoners took it to mean that Williams was a snitch and beated him to death. A convicted killer dying isn’t a big tragedy, but it makes it harder for the police that were collaborating with Williams to do their job now that a valuable informant is dead.

And no surprises but it looks like the death is related to the Herald Sun article.

Melb reporters tell me Carl Williams was accused by fellow prisoners of “doing deals with the cops” after they read the school fees story.

Herald Sun, a round of applause for being irresponsible fucktards. Bravo.


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4 Responses to “Anything for a headline”

  1. Me Says:

    Mate you are correct. I have no doubt that herald sun’s report played a role in carl’s death.

    What is just as interesting is how he would have been bashed. He was never around other inmates, was in super secure cell, and their are cameras everywhere.

  2. cosmicjester Says:

    Yeh a lot of questions to be asked. I’m wondering if the Herald Sun even took the most basic of precaution and tipped off the prison before the story went to print.

    A basic “yeh you might need some extra security for Williams on Monday” could have been helpful. I’m guessing the Herald Sun didnt do this.

  3. Leon Bertrand Says:

    This will probably be on Media Watch tonight given all the ethical questions it raises.

  4. Bron Says:

    Herald Sun certainly have form for this sort of thing. Disgusting.

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