Gay People Hate Children

When I first heard about the former NSW Minister for Transport resigning in disgrace I didn’t have much sympathy. Being caught using a government vehicle to visit a gay sex club looked like a pretty clear-cut misuse of government property and the latest in a long line of fuckups by a pretty incompetent government.

But then it came out that Campbell was driving the car himself and that using the ministerial car for private duties is fine. He didn’t actually break any rules and the use of the car was just a cover to out a gay man.

Soon most stories completely ignored the car angle and quickly looked for another reason to discuss this rather extraordinary public case of gay bashing. Peter Meakin, the head of 7 news tried to justify the outing by saying Campbell had somehow been hypocritical.

“In the case of Mr Campbell, here was a guy who had been minister for police, which is a very sensitive portfolio, who had been presenting himself and gaining re-election as a happy family man – sending out Christmas cards with his wife and sons pictured on the card and portraying himself as a loving father and husband.

“Now all this time and apparently for the last 25 years he has been acting otherwise. I think the electorate have the right to know that.”

That must be news to many in the gay community. Apparently being gay means you don’t love your children and can’t be a loving member of a family. Who knew!

Thank god we have thrice convicted drunk driver Peter Meakin to tell us about these important morals.

After all, putting lives at risk by driving whilst intoxicated is forgivable, but driving sober to an entirely legal club that caters to homosexual men is not.


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2 Responses to “Gay People Hate Children”

  1. steviemonkey Says:

    Hear hear!

  2. Chris Says:

    So Meakin says that the electorate has a right to know about Campbell’s sexual preferences because he sent out Christmas cards portraying him as a loving father and husband. Give the electorate some credit. I’m sure none of them are basing their voting decisions on Christmas cards.
    It would be nice if a former partner of Meakin or Adam Walters could reveal publicly the strange things they like to get up to in the bedroom.

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