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Wankers support wank ban

September 15, 2010

Within conservative circles in America there has been a move towards the irrational far-right ever since the election of Barack Obama. The growing tea party has pressured republicans to move to what they see as a more traditional conservative values.

An interesting tidbit is that the group started as an anti-taxation movement and took the name “tea party” from the famous Boston Tea Party that led to America’s revolutionary war with Britain. The famous slogan being “No taxation without representation” was about anger that Americans were forced to pay taxation to the British but did not have direct representation to the parliament. It was an enfranchisement issue more than a tax issue, yet the group at large has shown that the entire movement is based on an ignorance of basic history by interpreting it as an anti-tax revolution. Who would have thought 4 words would be so hard to understand?

But carrying on, the movement has begun challenging established republicans in primary battles and having some success. Ron Pauls son (who is against….the civil rights act) won a senate primary and now there is excitement that social conservative Christine O’Donnell has won the Delaware senate primary.

Daily Telegraph opinion editor Tim Blair is excited by Christine O’Donnell’s victory, seeing it as renewed “enthusiasm for conservatives running as conservatives:” And seemingly hopes that local Liberals will heed the message and follow in the tea parties footstep.

But just what does Christine O’Donnell stand for? She is an arch social conservative, but what does she stand for?

She is against…… masturbation.

Yep, you thought conservatives that wanted to outlaw sodomy and oral sex were bad enough but she wants to make every 13 year old boy a sex criminal. Watch the video or read this.

Is this really the path Tim Blair and other conservatives think the right should be heading to? Freedom to bare arms is a perfectly sensible civil right, freedom to touch yourself? Thats just TOO FAR.


Let the smearing begin

September 8, 2010

Following on from my earlier post and Possums excellent post, it hasn’t been 24 hours and already the nutty conspiracies are emerging.

Whats the latest? Well this government hasn’t even sat yet and already Julia Gillard is guilty of BRIBERY!

Whats that, such a scandal? Already?

Andrew Bolt with the latest.

Rob Oakeshott said yesterday Labor’s offer to make him a Minister of Speaker was “separate” to his decision to put it into Government.

Maybe in his own mind. But Gavin Atkins wonders how close this comes to a bribe:

Thats quite an accusation Bolta. But short answer, NO.

Although Bolt and Atkins further show their ignorance by quoting NSW State , not Federal documents as their basis they ignore this key point.

b.  A Member must not knowingly or improperly promote any matter, vote on any bill or resolution or ask any question in the Parliament or its Committees in return for any remuneration, fee, payment, reward or benefit in kind, of a private nature

Last I checked ministry jobs are hardly private, and if Gillard wanted to keep this deal secret, confirming it to the media was a bad way to hide this offer.

But the charges don’t actually have to stick, if you are Bolt you just want to put “Gillard” and “bribery” in the same sentence as many times as possible and let your ignorant readers join the dots. Just make sure you add a ? at the end of each accusation to avoid any responsibility.

Example. Not acceptable.

Andrew Bolt sells heroin to schoolgirls.


Does Andrew Bolt sell heroin to schoolgirls?

But I’m guessing Andrew Bolt and the rest of the nuts will quietly rest this conspiracy.

ROB Oakeshott has indicated that Tony Abbott made a last-ditch attempt to woo the independent MP by offering him a senior Coalition position.

Will we see Andrew Bolt make the exact same baseless accusations of bribery to Tony Abbott? Not bloody likely. Will we see an apology or retraction of a false accusation from Andrew Bolt? Absolutely not.

Bastard Government!

September 8, 2010

I have had little interest in blogging of late, life things (got engaged, woot) and an uninspiring campaign meant a big zero posts from the election campaign. I think it was hard for any politically engaged person to be passionate about either side during the campaign. Both were trying to outdo the other in having the smallest target campaign. So much so that it didn’t give enough voters a reason to vote for the major parties and hence neither side could form a majority.

Now that Labor has formed government, News Ltd and the conservative cheerleaders have been running a line that the new government is illegitimate, has no mandate blah blah blah through all sorts of dodgy reasoning.

professional editor and amateur cyberstalker Tim Blair over at the Daily Terror said this.

“Julia Gillard – twice selected, never elected

True, but only in the sense that no Australian Prime Minister is ever elected by the Australian people, but is selected by the group that has the largest number in the house of representatives. So John Howard has never been “elected” as PM and neither has Julia Gillard.

But perhaps Tim was hinting that as government was decided in the end by independents Labor doesn’t have a majority in their own right. Fair enough, but you just know Tim and the other clowns wouldnt dare call Tony Abbott unelected if he had been given the nod by the inds. And he would have been just as unelected as Gillard.

And remember in 2008 when the West Australian Parliament had a similar fate? The decision as to who would form government was decided by the West Australian national party which did not have a coalition with either major party. After long negotiations the Nationals decided to back the Liberals, but funnily enough the conservative clowns who are now calling Gillard unelected were not saying the same thing about a Liberal Premier being selected not by the people but by people holding the balance of power.

Remember, if someone says Gillard was not elected but they didn’t say the same thing about Colin Barnett the Liberal Premier, they are a hypocrite.

This government clearly didnt have overwhelming support and didnt win a majority, but neither did the coalition and any government they would have formed would have been just as legitimate.