What I’m listening to

A few of the most recent records (torrents) I’ve been listening to.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – I’m With You

This one is probably impossible to miss. In the last ten years or so the Chili Peppers have become a stadium playing megaband, not that they were not a good band but it seems superstar status is given to any big 80’s or 90’s band that managed to not break up. This is their first record since guitarist John Frusciante left the group, and it really show. New axeman Josh Klinghoffer is a bit of a like for like replacement for Frusciante and attempts to imitate the the former guitarists sound without bringing much new to the group.

Music wise Klinghoffer seems to follow the lead of the Chili’s rhythm section almost note for note and it times its hard to even hear the guitar over the bass. That said i’ve listened to the record twice and its sort of grown on me, but it wont be one of their more memorable records. It just didnt have the energy or passion that Blood Sugar Sex Magik had.

Anthrax – Worship Music

I’ve only been listening to Anthrax since watching the “Big Four” concert at the cinema last year and I dont consider myself a huge fan of the band. It’s their first record since their most well known singer Joey Belladonna rejoined the group. This album doesn’t really seem to try and modernise their sound but more emulate their 1980’s heyday, and it pretty much works. This is 80’s style thrash metal and I’ve no problem with that. Highlights include “Fight em Till You cant” the best and perhaps only song about the Zombie Apocalypse and the secret track “New Noise” a cover of the awesome Refused song. So far pretty decent.

Dream Theater – A Dramatic Turn of Events

I’d pretty much describe Dream Theater’s sound as Metallica mixed with Pink Floyd. As with most prog you either like it or you dont, I dont think this record will win you over if you never liked them before. Only listened to it once but it seemed good, but I dont think it gets close to matching “Images and Words” or “Systematic Chaos” which I think are their two best albums. But overall good.


The Bugle

Recently started listening to this podcast from John Oliver from The Daily Show and someone else I’d never heard of called Andy Zaltzman. Much like the Daily Show its a humorous take on the news but with a more wacky British sense of humour. Bloody funny stuff, I am a fan.

This American Life

Bout an hour long podcast from Chicago Public Radio that each week tackles a particular subject, like Gossip or Carnivals. More interesting than it sounds, although non-fiction they seem to present their topics in a more narrative structure more similar to fiction that keeps it entertaining. Worth a listen.


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