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Wankers support wank ban

September 15, 2010

Within conservative circles in America there has been a move towards the irrational far-right ever since the election of Barack Obama. The growing tea party has pressured republicans to move to what they see as a more traditional conservative values.

An interesting tidbit is that the group started as an anti-taxation movement and took the name “tea party” from the famous Boston Tea Party that led to America’s revolutionary war with Britain. The famous slogan being “No taxation without representation” was about anger that Americans were forced to pay taxation to the British but did not have direct representation to the parliament. It was an enfranchisement issue more than a tax issue, yet the group at large has shown that the entire movement is based on an ignorance of basic history by interpreting it as an anti-tax revolution. Who would have thought 4 words would be so hard to understand?

But carrying on, the movement has begun challenging established republicans in primary battles and having some success. Ron Pauls son (who is against….the civil rights act) won a senate primary and now there is excitement that social conservative Christine O’Donnell has won the Delaware senate primary.

Daily Telegraph opinion editor Tim Blair is excited by Christine O’Donnell’s victory, seeing it as renewed “enthusiasm for conservatives running as conservatives:” And seemingly hopes that local Liberals will heed the message and follow in the tea parties footstep.

But just what does Christine O’Donnell stand for? She is an arch social conservative, but what does she stand for?

She is against…… masturbation.

Yep, you thought conservatives that wanted to outlaw sodomy and oral sex were bad enough but she wants to make every 13 year old boy a sex criminal. Watch the video or read this.

Is this really the path Tim Blair and other conservatives think the right should be heading to? Freedom to bare arms is a perfectly sensible civil right, freedom to touch yourself? Thats just TOO FAR.