Bring you teh trooth

Election years bring out the usual list of single issue parties and other various attention seekers, but this new party really caught my eye.

The Australian sovereignty Party, for truth, freedom and justice.

A semi-coherent mishmash of La Rouche, new world order and climate change denialism all in one delightful package. Just check out their video on youtube.

Curiously that account name is listed as “don’t poison me”.

Times may be tough for the Australian Sovereignty Party with the Citizens Electoral Council nailing the La Rouche vote and the climate change conspiracy nuts being adequately served by Family First, National and Liberal Party. And even more confusingly the Australian sovereignty Party is Pro-Monarchy.

Unfortunately the Australian Sovereignty Party got so carried away in spreading the truth about the gay/commie/jewish/muslim/banking/unitednations conspiracy that they forgot to actually register as a political party.

I guess the truth will have to wait.



One Response to “Bring you teh trooth”

  1. Scott Casey Says:

    The best part, so far, is a mention of the ‘coalition government and the Labor people’ in the second video. This clip was uploaded on April 15 2010. This Liberal National Coalition had been out of power since November 24th 2007.
    Let’s watch the next video…
    Food irradiation, massive Weimar style inflation, a national conspiracy, I think someone is also laughing in the background at 1.36?
    I’m onto number four but so much is wrong I just can’t keep going…

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